Activities proposed by public interest organisations 

Celebrate Brussels with a few of Brussels public institutions. Find out about their everyday work and projects. 

  • Plastic fishing – Canal it up & Port of Brussels 
    Are you interested in plastic fishing on a kayak in the canal? Non-profit organisation Canal it Up, in collaboration with the Port of Brussels, explains the impact of waste on the canal's water quality and gives you solutions to remedy it.   
    9 May 2021 from 10:00 to 14:00  - (please indicate: surname + first name + desired time + Iris Festival 9 May 2021
  •  'The canal area supported by Europe' bike tour - SPRB/Brussels International DG/FEDER Department 
    Thanks to support from the European Union (FEDER), many projects under development are helping towards the economic regeneration and cohesion of the canal! A bike tour, guided by Pro Vélo and accessible to all, will take you to see them along the edge of the canal. (Tour in French or Dutch)
    8 May at 10:00 (FR)/9 May at 10:00 (NL) - Registration
  • Resuscitation, extraction and diver demonstrations - SIAMU (Demonstration in French or Dutch) 

    Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation demonstration
    Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a manoeuvre to be performed on a person who has had a heart attack, by compressing their rib cage with your hands. If it is done soon enough, CPR significantly increases their chances of survival. 
    9 May - Registration 

    Extraction demonstration 
    In a road accident, the deformation of a vehicle's body may prevent a victim from getting out. The fire brigade will give a demonstration of their powerful tools, necessary to cut into the vehicle and release victims. 
    9 May - Registration 

    Diver demonstration 
    Certain firemen specialise in water interventions. In a rescue demonstration in the canal, the diver team explains how they work and the equipment they use. This activity is subject to the availability of the divers who are on-call.  
    8 May and 9 May - Registration 

Smartphone scavenger hunts 

With the Totemus app, discover exclusive scavenger hunts that take you through the European Quarter and Flagey. A fun way to learn more about these neighbourhoods and uncover their secrets. 

  • Route 1: Discover the European Quarter 
    Set off to discover the European district. Discover the architectural, historical and artistic points of interests on this fun adventure tailored to families.  
    Difficulty: easy (pushchair accessible) / Distance: around 5 km 
    Starting point: AutoworldParc du Cinquantenaire 111000 Brussels 
  • Route 2: Flagey and its secrets  
    Discover the secrets of the Flagey neighbourhood on this treasure hunt! In this 100% urban adventure for couples or friends, set off to find architectural, historic and artistic points of interest. 
    Difficulty: easy (pushchair accessible) / Distance: around 6km 
    Starting point: Place Flagey, 1050 Brussels 

Download the app from the Apple Store or from the Google Play Store from 8 May