Brussels, an urban journey

Thursday 2 May

As part of the Iris Festival and the 30th anniversary of the Brussels-Capital Region, Luc Jabon, screenwriter, director and Brussels documentary maker, will be presenting the première of his latest documentary which celebrates his native city.

The film will take you on a trip through the streets, boulevards and squares of Brussels, bearing witness to the way in which the city’s urban spaces are transformed, reinvented and shared, all the while discovering how the residents re-appropriate them and make them their own.

Talking about Brussels with a walk through certain streets, boulevards, squares, lanes, and urban spaces… With these streets as the star of the show, discover the men and women walking, passing through, strolling or spend time there, celebrating and expressing themselves. 

Immerse yourselves in some Brussels neighbourhoods, with informed speakers taking part, rediscover the origins and the past of these streets, ask about their changes, destruction, current transformation, and imagine what they will be like in the future. A street is not just a public thoroughfare for using and passing through. It throws up some political, economic, urban planning, social, cultural, poetic…and amusing challenges. Asking questions about those challenges shows the cost of Brussels' constant changes and how today the public is being able to reclaim their urban spaces. After all, when a street is alive, people get to share in the city...

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Bozar (Henry Le Bœuf Hall)
Rue Ravenstein, 23 – 1000 Brussels
Price : 8€