Girls in Hawaii

Saturday 4 May
Place des Palais
21:00 - 22:00

Girls in Hawaii is a group which likes to take its time. Time for its members to question themselves and wait for the right moment to follow their dreams. And above all, time to give the best of themselves.

Through each album, their music reveals important steps in their lives: the humble beginnings (From Here to There), the start of adult life and the sense of hopelessness faced with the tasks to be done (Plan Your Escape) or the strength to stand up to injustice (Everest).

Four years after their last album “Everest”, “Nocturne” was born quite organically to the group and practically wrote itself. With this album, GIH stands out a little bit more as a group that is essential to the music scene. After a 2-year tour, here they are giving it their all, in Brussels of course.