Heritage? It’s child’s play!

Wednesday 1 May
Thursday 2 May
Friday 3 May
Saturday 4 May
Sunday 5 May
10:00 - 18:00

For 10 years, the Classes du Patrimoine et de la Citoyenneté/Erfgoedklassen & Burgerschap (Heritage Classes and Citizenship) have organised discovery days to raise awareness in young people of their neighbourhoods’ heritage and the historical heritage of Brussels.

From September to November 2018, the Classes du Patrimoine/Erfgoedklassen & Burgerschap shared this experience in the Heritage? It’s Child’s Play! exhibition organised at the Halles Saint-Géry. Given the exhibition’s success, a selection of these modules is being exhibited in the rooms of experience.brussels, as a pop-up exhibition.

Visitors of all ages are invited to come and discover the Brussels heritage that the exhibition explores, in all its facets. You can look forward to: observing and comparing historical maps; marvelling at building façades and decoding their composition, style and function; immersing yourself in the management of the region’s green spaces; discovering the rich symbolism of Brussels’ cemeteries and admire the artisan techniques that punctuate our streets with little gems of know-how and expertise.

Target audience: from 10 years old, family audiences.

Place : experience.brussels, 4 rue Royale