Open Day of the European Institutions

Saturday 4 May
European district
10:00 - 18:00

Celebrate Europe Day at the European institutions in Brussels with the annual Open Day on 4 May 2019 from 10.00 to 18.00. The Open Day of the European Institutions is the ultimate opportunity to explore the symbolic buildings.

Special activities inside (and outside) the institutions’ buildings like public debates, guided tours and games will show you what the European Union does for you and how you can influence it. No matter how old, you will find something for you at the six institutions and bodies that are opening their doors. 

Choose your future

This year the Open Day is about choosing your future. At the European elections 23-26 May we can either hope for a better future or we can choose to do something about it. At the Open Day You will find all the information you need about the European elections. Pledge to vote and take responsibility for the future at

Six institutions - one open day

During the Open Day of the European Institutions, you will be able to step inside the six institutions between Luxembourg Square and Schuman Roundabout :

European Parliament

See how the voice of Europeans is represented with talks in the Hemicycle, by meeting the political groups and with an immersive virtual experience. Enjoy a spectacular opening ceremony, let your little ones have a go at voting, pick up a souvenir and finish the day at the open-air DJ stage.

European Council / Council of the European Union

Walk in the footsteps of your President or Prime Minister in the house of the Member States and see where and how European leaders take their decisions. Take a guided tour and discover the activities of these two institutions via information stands, interactive games and more.

European Commission

Step inside the nerve centre of the European institutions, where European Union policies and programmes begin and are implemented. Share your questions and ideas with over 200 specialist officials and take part in the dozen interactive activities and games to learn more about how Europe affects your daily life. 

European External Action Service

Embark on a tour of the European Union around the world. Collect stamps in your passport, get answers to your questions about the European Union’s activities across the globe, test your geography or try your luck at the Wheel of Fortune.

European Economic and Social Committee

Explore how organised civil society, like employers and workers organisations and other interest groups, help shape European decision-making. Visit information stands and enjoy fun and educational activities: quizzes, wheel of fortune on sustainable development, live music, face-painting, children's drawing competition, and a photo booth. 

European Committee of the Regions

Explore how the European Union makes a difference in your region and city. Visit stands of regional partners and have your say on the future of Europe. Interactive activities for the whole family: play games, enjoy music, and try food and drink from all over Europe.  

Why Europe Day? Why May?

On 9 May 1950 Robert Schuman declared that France and German should share their natural resources. His proposal to make the countries share their coal and steel would make conflict between them ‘not merely unthinkable, but materially impossible’. Other European nations soon joined the endeavour, marking the start of European cooperation. We remember this declaration every year with Europe Day.